In 1983, from a long and solid experience in the industrial sector, was born Teknofluor Ltd, which combines personality and professionalism already consolidated in the technical-industrial complex. Created to provide a 360° range of products in the industrial sector, the company has focused its managerial capacity on some classes of innovative products: industrial gaskets made of valuable rubbers and technical components made of high-performance plastics. Since 1992 we have introduced the thermoplastic rubbers in our core business, an innovative range of polymers that has immediately met numerous uses (still today we are among the few companies in Europe to have in its core business such types of rubbers). Among the most interesting applications of thermoplastic rubbers, peristaltic pumps can be included. Since 1995, we have become one of the leading suppliers of the largest peristaltic pumps manufacturers, to which we provide thermoplastic rubber hoses and other rubber and plastic components. Since 1997, our innovative and technological capacity is connected to the continuity and security of supply based on specific quality standards, guaranteed by the certification of the Quality Management System according to ISO 9001